Casting doubt, part 1

This is an article in the Fort Worth Star describing two Senator’s request to the EPA to ‘up the scientific integrity’ {my words} of their water quality study done in the Pavillion Shale of Wyoming. The EPA study in question found chemical signatures in private drinking water wells of contamination from hydraulic fracturing activities. That study is currently out for peer review.

My frustration with the questioning by these Senators is that they have requested the EPA do something that would affect the study at this point, yet they are stating that the EPA has a suspect process to date: damned if you do, damned if you don’t, in other words. This is an outright set up for failure – compromising the integrity of the EPA study before the peer reviewed final analysis can be released. These Senators have already discounted the results as invalid.

Senators: Raise bar for Wyo. frack study review | Latest State headlines from AP | News ….

{Note: after stewing on this for a little bit, I just want to reiterate my objectivity in publishing this blog. Yes, this move by the Senators frustrates me and I state that it tilts the playing field, and me saying this may appear subjective. It is not. I am merely shining light on this technique of casting doubt on a scientific study, and that once doubt has been cast, both sides of a dispute may win. -BT}



3 thoughts on “Casting doubt, part 1

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