What’s in a name?

See the article attached here describing the oil and gas industry’s effort to quash the use of the term “frack(ing).”

Industry frustration with the F- word

I admit to using ‘Frack(ing)’ frequently when talking about this technology simply because I find it quicker to write and say than ‘hydraulic fracturing.’ I do find it extremely ironic that the industry actually coined the term itself, and is now displeased with the manner in which opposition to the technology cleverly uses the term to its advantage. But what I find doubly ironic with this effort to rid common use of “Frack(ing)” is the contempt with which industry representatives have responded to concerns of citizens over the real threats to water supply and water quality. I expressed in an earlier post about the word choice and mannerism an industry representative used to describe concerned citizens, and then I see this other piece describing an executive using similar disrespectful characterization of opposition.

Fair is fair. The folks I know following this closely use respectful terminology even if they are urging a cautious approach. I would hope that industry will respect the range of concerns citizens have about an emerging technology.

{The wish on industry’s part to rid common use of “frack(ing)” even gets notice in the WONKBLOG. A personal tip of the hat to Ezra Klein on this parallel issue as he was the first journalist I read to regularly refer to the Affordable Care Act by its proper name.}



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