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So, I have a long list of topics on which I still want to publish posts, including addressing water issues, energy policy, social and economic impacts… but every now and then, while looking over items related to one of those issues, I trip over something that I find quite interesting in and of itself. That is the case today as I linked to related articles in The (Southern Pines) Pilot while sharing their piece on the NC contingent site visit to Pennsylvania.

The Pilot published an article in August that quite succinctly addresses the hydraulic fracturing issue and the divergent perspectives on it. Some of the content might be ‘old news’ now, but it is worth a read:

The Pilot ‘introduction’ to pros and cons of Hydraulic Fracturing

Perhaps most intriguing to me is reading that staff of the NC Geological Survey express the want to lift the prohibitions to hydraulic fracturing. But the same individual states that drilling operations may not occur here in North Carolina because our shale beds may not be feasible in the country’s natural gas extraction market. The article includes a brief voice to legislators, water & environment organizations, and a landowner-protection advocacy group (RAFI).



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