Well testing begins in NC

A blog post from the News and Observer this morning calling attention to the testing of wells, both privately and publicly owned, will begin in Lee and Chatham Counties this week.

.biz – As fracking looms, property owners test well water | newsobserver.com blogs.

Obtaining baseline data is critical, and was actually noted during the Congressional sub-committee hearing last week as what should be the ideal situation. As the N&O post indicates, the cost to homeowners for testing their well is not cheap, so the support for doing this by Duke and USGS should be commended. The test results will be sent to the well owners, but I hope that results will be available in some form to the public. Likewise, should the researchers find some level of contamination in these wells, I hope they will coordinate with local health departments and other organizations/agencies like the North Carolina Rural Communities Assistance Project, Inc. that will be able to facilitate the provision of safe water supply.

On a very different note, I must express my curiosity as to why Murawski wrote that last line in his blog stating what supporters of fracking believe. The post to that point was informative and objective, even where he is reminding readers that the legislature may approve measures to permit hydraulic fracturing in the Triassic Basin.



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