February 17 Update: here’s a synopsis from WUNC with a soundbite on the on the proceedings of the committee meeting:

Clip from state energy policy committee – WUNC

I hope to find more details from the meeting and will update this post again when I do.


Triassic Basins water & shale gas

An article in the Sanford Herald this morning highlighting Lee County staff and commissioner and landowner speaking with the State Senate Energy Policy Committee today, February 15th:

via FRACKING: Commissioner, landowner advocate to present before Senate.

For reference, the landowner speaking with this group is co-founder of NC Oil and Gas, which seems to have a home-grown profit-steward motive. Judging by the article, it seems like this group is speaking for support of permitting hydraulic fracturing. Sounds like they also want to see thorough regulations for it to protect water and air, though they leave that unspecified. The numbers that Womack relays in the article regarding a reduction in property taxes are curious: why would fracking reduce property taxes by 25%, why does it sound like that is a good thing? Sales taxes would increase during a high production phase, but how long would such revenue last?


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