Reference site updates

Just a quick post to indicate some updates to the “Reference Sites” page (link at the top). I realize that I continue discovering great reference sites and add links to that page, but no real way to share what has been updated – so I will show some highlights here as to what sites I’ve added in the last week or so.

In the NC section:

In the Beyond North Carolina section:

Federal-level information sub-section:

National-level information from coalition or industry groups sub-section:

National-level (and some state-level that crosses state lines) media sites sub-section:

Academic, educational, or institutional resources sub-section:

  • Paleontological Research Institute at the Museum of the Earth, Ithaca, NY: The Marcellus Papers.
  • Cornell University Cooperative Extension Natural Gas Resource Center
  • Cornell University Green Choices: a compilation of research and policy papers to equip communities to make informed decisions about energy options.
  • University of Texas at Austin Energy Institute: this is a comprehensive resource on energy resources, including deep water drilling, nuclear, and hydraulic fracturing. The institute conducted a study (access the draft of the report here) to examine the link between water contamination and hydraulic fracturing which found no direct link, but found related activity responsible for contaminating water resources – the study is quite extensive, reviewing media coverage/portrayal, public perception, regulatory framework at the federal and state levels along with the range of environmental impacts.
  • …and this is a closely related issue, though it’s much broader than hydraulic fracturing: if you know any climate change skeptics, this is the reference site for you: Skeptical Science. This site lists all the arguments that skeptics present, and then provides the peer-reviewed scientific explanation to debunk each of those arguments.



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