Word to the wise, from experience.

Below is a link to an article the was published in the Houston Chronicle this morning written by George Mitchell and Mark Zoback. The article describes the history of hydraulic fracturing in a horizontal well as pioneered by Mitchell Energy & Development in the 1970’s. But the authors quite nicely reiterate the need for all stakeholders to work together in order to extract natural gas responsibly.

Fuel Fix » George Mitchell: The duty to fracture responsibly.

Highlights beyond calling on all stakeholders to work together include:

  • Natural gas is a great bridge source of energy,
  • State regulations must be strengthened,
  • Associated activities (development of well, treatment and disposal of wastewater, etc.) must be done with care,
  • Responsible developers should be willing to disclose fracking chemicals.

Even if it is basically a message from an experienced gas developer calling attention to the recommendations of the Department of Energy’s Natural Gas Sub-comittee, this is an encouraging message that folks on all sides of this issue should consider … More to come.




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