Pro-fracking stance should not involve trashing others

See this blog post from the Triangle Business Journal reporting on a pro-fracking talk hosted by the John Locke Foundation on Monday, February 27th. It is not a surprise to see this group stands in favor of drilling for natural gas in North Carolina via unconventional means. What is disappointing, though, is to see them stand behind trashing the Duke research done in Pennsylvania. The Duke study was the first peer-reviewed study associated with methane migration in natural gas drilling areas, and it is also a fact that the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection discounted the study. However, the researchers at Duke responded very clearly and transparently to the criticisms of the study.

For the John Locke Foundation to have a revisionist history of the facts associated with that study is irresponsible – and I will let you read the proceedings of that meeting for yourself rather then distinguish them with any citations here. Supporting natural gas development can be done through objective information, as we’ve heard individuals from Lee County do. I know Al Franken was not the first to say it, but I recall him saying this on the Senate floor so eloquently: ‘You’re entitled to your own opinion, but you’re not entitled to your own facts.’


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