See Energy Policy Forum’s critique of the response to the Rolling Stone article from Chesapeake Energy:


Triassic Basins water & shale gas

The Rolling Stone weighs in on Fracking, and says: Don’t believe the hype!

This seems like a well researched article in the sense that it includes interviews with the CEO of Chesapeake Energy (actually, the article really revolves around him), plus two financial analysts, technical/scientific experts from Cornell and Duke, and residents with an unconventional natural gas well in their backyard. Yes, it only skirts some aspects of this issue, but take a look for yourself. Once again, I see this as highlighting how tricky the fracking issue is due to its dispersed ‘micro-industrial’ [my term] nature.

Let me add on other observation to this – and I think that Deborah Rogers at the Energy Policy Forum (where I got the tip on the Rolling Stone article) touches on this – and I’m just thinking out loud here: oil and gas have traditionally made their riches tapping into resources…

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