NC needs regulation if this is to work

I am overdue for posting this, but STRONGER, the group that reviews state-level regulations for oil and gas, submitted their assessment of North Carolina’s ability to permit hydraulic fracturing in late February (as spelled out in HB 242). You can read the entire report here. In a nutshell, the analysis stated that North Carolina has a great regulatory framework at DENR, but really no workable regulations to oversee oil and gas development. Numerous news outlets in the state reported summaries of the report’s findings, including WRAL, WUNC, and the Charlotte Observer.

Again, the draft DENR report is set to be released prior to the first of two public comment sessions, the first of which is next Tuesday evening in Sanford. I will be curious to see what the report includes in terms of proposed regulations, and the estimate for the amount of staff time and expertise needed.



One thought on “NC needs regulation if this is to work

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