Nice dialogue in the Sanford Herald today with Ed Harris, the Lee County resident who has organized the Landowners’ gathering in Sanford Tuesday evening, February 12th.

Triassic Basins water & shale gas

I want to give a shout out for the Landowners’ gathering in Sanford at the Old Courthouse next Tuesday evening, February 12th. I hope this brings together concerned landowners and community leaders alike to discuss the issue of fracking, and then doubly hope whatever action they will genuinely contribute to the Mining and Energy Commission’s process.

Just this afternoon the Senate voted in favor of SB 10, of which the N&O has a nice summary of what is in the bill. Even though this bill gives a lot of power to the governor in appointing individuals (after relieving current commission members) to serve on the Utilities Commission, Coastal Resources Commission, Environmental Review Commission and more, I think we need the governor to step up and take some control of this legislature. Note, the MEC is not touched by SB 10. This can dramatically swing policy making and rule/regulation…

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