No local coverage? Re: impacts of forced pooling

I had to miss the Compulsory Pooling Study Group meeting last Friday morning in Pittsboro due to an obligation at the office, and I’ve been scratching around the local news outlets to see any kind of report of what was discussed. The closest “review” I found, was on a Reuters blog and it was in fact not a review of the study group meeting at all but what seems to be a coincidental story about forced pooling and split estates (and it is a good read). The Sanford Herald has their “Take 5” section this week cover the story of forced pooling/split estates thanks to the interview with local leader Ed Harris speaking about the subject with specifics in SB 820 that impact of property owners in the area, and talking about the gathering of land owners in Sanford this Tuesday evening. After the Compulsory Pooling study group meeting in January, kudos to WRAL for their succinct piece on the subject, but no report from last week.

Where is the press? If all news is local, and this is a topic that can really influence people’s property values, legal options, and land use planning and more. It’s a shame that the local press has not broken down for citizens, their readers, what this issue is, what the status quo is, and what questions remain unanswered.

There is a silver lining in terms of coverage, and that is the people who are involved. The network of folks tracking this issue, communicating with each other, coordinating information and activities is impressive and growing. And just as the “take 5” interview in the Sanford Herald demonstrates, it is this network of invested citizens that will inform others.


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