“Reference sites” and “Maps” pages updates

Just a quick note to alert readers about some updates on the pages “Reference Sites” and “Maps.” Both pages have links to the websites for the Register of Deeds in each of Chatham, Lee, and Moore Counties, and also the link to the Lee County GIS/Strategic Services website with the searchable GIS map that includes a layer of properties with mineral rights leases.

The Maps page also has a link to the Southern Environmental Law Center that has plotted the public water supply sources with the extent of the all the known Triassic Basins in NC (Deep River Basin, Dan River Basin, and the Wadesboro Basin).

The Reference Sites page has the links for the Mining and Energy Commission members’ bios, committees, study groups, and list of stakeholders. I have also put in the the links to the NC Department of Justice (Attorney General’s office) information on property rights and what to watch out for when purchasing property. RAFI’s information on property rights is included on the page as well.

I will continue to update these pages as needed, so check back frequently. Thanks, –BT


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