Agenda for Compulsory Pooling Study Group meeting, Friday March 1, Pittsboro

Here is the agenda for this Friday’s Compulsory Pooling Study Group meeting:


of the


March 01, 2013, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Multi-Purpose Room (Bldg 42/Bldg 2) Central Carolina Community College

764 West Street, Pittsboro, N.C.

1. Call to Order and Notice of NCGS 138A-15 – Ray Covington, Chairman

In accordance with the State Government Ethics Act, it is the duty of every member of the North Carolina Mining and Energy Commission to avoid conflicts of interest and potential conflicts. If any member knows of a conflict of interest or potential conflict with respect to matters coming before the Committee today, please identify the conflict or potential conflict at this time.

2. Statutory Approach to Compulsory Pooling, Pennsylvania Example – Brigid Landy

3. Study Group Recommendation on Surface Use – Chairman Covington

The Commission in ordering pooling of mineral, oil, and gas interests shall not have the authority to grant an operator any rights to the surface property above any mineral, oil, and gas interests compelled into a pool. Any access to surface rights above compelled mineral, oil, and gas interests may be obtained only through negotiation of a voluntary agreement between the operator and the owner of the surface rights, regardless of whether such surface rights are unified with or divided from the underlying mineral, oil, and gas interests.

4. Public Questions and Comments – Chairman Covington

5. Time line of the Compulsory Pooling Study Group – Chairman Covington

6. Discussion and Next Steps – Chairman Covington

7. Closing Comments – Chairman Covington




One thought on “Agenda for Compulsory Pooling Study Group meeting, Friday March 1, Pittsboro

  1. Robert O. Stone

    the Board set up by the Legislature is simply a farce, Ray Covington who presided over the ethic committee is a perfect example of the conflict of interest that that the ethic committee was suppose to address. He probably has as much to gain as does much of the board!


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