MEC Local Government Regulations study group agenda for 3.22.13

The agenda for the Local Government Regulation Study Group meeting in Sanford tomorrow, Friday March 22, is available on the DENR portal. This group is moving through their “issues to address” in the recommendations they need to finalize by October. They have a lot to do before October, and I hope they get to the full list of issues with sufficient time to really consider how they want to address each one, as each will have significant impact on local government planning. This group has been receptive to public participation as well, so I hope concerned citizens will be there. Be sure to read over the content from previous meetings (click on the links at the top of the agendas page for each of the previous meeting dates for powerpoint presentations, documents, and audio from each meeting). Now is the time to influence how fracking will be practiced and regulated in North Carolina. Personally, I will not be able to attend, so I hope that folks will provide a summary of the meeting for me.



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