Taking away local rule-making authority

Proposed bill to prohibit local governments from setting restrictions that exceed state or federal regulations passed the Senate Commerce Committee this morning, and will apply to the Mining and Energy Commission if passed into law.

technology working backwards

A terrible bill, SB 612, to repeal local rules and restrictions that exceed state and federal standards passed in the Senate Commerce Committee this morning. This bill represents the repeal of home rule, something the state has prided itself on. Planning and zoning authority provided to local governments give those locations valuable tools to control the type of growth and redevelopment that fits into their long term master plans. Repealing these efforts of local governments to build the community their leaders envision is just plain backwards. The bill stinks of greedy developers upset they cannot build in a floodplain.

Environmental rollback heads for Senate vote

What really bugs me is the worn-out mantra from sponsors of these short-sighted bills that they want to make the state more “business friendly.” Last I knew, the state was ranked in the top 3 business friendly states in the country, and that we…

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